Why The New York Knicks Made A Big Mistake With Grunwald Demotion

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That opening shot of “When Evening Falls on Bucharest, or Metabolism” (which has its U.S. premiere today at the New York Film Festival) lasts about 10 minutes — at which point we surmise Romanian director Corneliu Porumboiu is imposing an attitude upon his technology, while professing the technology dictates the shape of his film. New York Film Festival 2013 The conceit is not new for Porumboiu, who is best known to U.S. audiences for the post-Communist era comedy, “12:08 East of Bucharest” (2006), and his 2009 drama, “Police, Adjective.” That film, in which an undercover cop trails a suspected drug dealer, likewise was composed of long, often static takes free of dialogue or music. The style worked extremely well in what was a character study of a policeman who questions his assignment. “Police, Adjective” depicted the mundane drudgery that is much of police work — standing for hours on cold street corners, filing reports, avoiding meetings with superiors — while underscoring the protagonist’s doubts about his work and the people he targets. That same style, however, does not translate well to Porumboiu’s latest, in which a film director, Paul (Bogdan Dumitrache), and a supporting actress, Alina (Diana Avramut), are juggling rehearsals and intimacy. As anyone who has spent time on a movie set can attest, film production can be as mundane and drawn-out as undercover police work, but the director’s shooting style only magnifies the schism between the characters without illuminating their attraction. The long-take camerawork is used successfully to comical effect as Paul blocks a scene with Alina, in which her character supposedly overhears a conversation from another room after stepping out of the shower. The precision he demands as they debate the consequences of the smallest action — How long must she blow-dry her hair? Can she actually hear characters in the other room, or is she reacting to a memorized script?

New York Jets: Mark Sanchez Finished as Team’s QB

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports Glen Grunwald was demoted after putting together New York’s 2013-14 roster. He decided to bring in Metta World Peace to serve as a defensive stopper alongside Iman Shumpert. Grunwalds decision to sign point guard Beno Udrih to back up Raymond Felton and Pablo Prigioni gives New York a proven ball-handler and game manager. He also signed two big-men in Jeremy Tyler and, more recently, Cole Aldrich to increase New Yorks frontcourt depth. Aside from the Bargnani trade, Grunwald made smart, savvy decisions to improve a Knicks roster that was ousted in the second round of the playoffs against a more physical Indiana Pacers team. He did what he needed to do to make the Knicks a more physical team capable of matching up against big, strong teams such as Indiana and the Chicago Bulls . Not only has Grunwald improved the Knicks roster during his tenure with New York, but he has also helped the team advance to the second round of the playoffs, which no general manager had done in New York in over a decade, as Frank Isola of the New York Daily News said via twitter. Glen Grunwald did a lot with the little he had to work with. Knicks snapped a 13-year streak of not winning a playoff series…and he’s out Frank Isola (@FisolaNYDN) September 26, 2013 And what is Grunwalds reward for his efforts? A demotion to an advisory role. And as Isola tweeted, Grunwalds new role is nothing to be excited about: The Knicks gave Glen Grunwald the dreaded advisor role, otherwise known as hush money at Jim Dolan’s Garden Frank Isola (@FisolaNYDN) September 26, 2013 Also, keep in mind that Steve Mills is the person who hired Isiah Thomas, who, as Begley and Stein wrote , …

Of course when New York jumped up 12 spots to acquire Sanchez in 2009s NFL Draft, he was billed as a savior for the much tortured franchises fan base. There was star quality from this California kid. Scouts thought that his arm strength, while not elite, could be good enough. Jets head coach Rex Ryan saw a lot of charisma and leadership in his then new signal caller. Although Sanchez stumbled through two poor initial regular seasons, a glimmer of hope excited as he nearly took Gang Green to their first Super Bowl since 1969. Over these more recent years, however, it turned out that this one individual did not have as much to do with this success as everyone thought. A smart move from New York and then general manager was to inquire about Peyton Manning in 2012s offseason. Of course this pursuit came up empty, but any they had to see if Manning had interest. Sanchez got his feelings hurt which resulted in a horrible contract extension that strapped this team from a salary cap standpoint. Leading the NFL with turnovers in 2011 and 2012, it was clear that regression had taken place. Geno Smith has overtaken Sanchez as the future at quarterback. I believe that he can be successful with another franchise. This media market simply became too much for a man who has lost confidence. Parting ways after 2013 saves the Jets money and allows Sanchez to have a fresh start. Nick Mamary is aNew York Jetswriter for RantSports.com.