Post Puja-food-athon, Its Yoga For Koel, Green Tea For Dev

During the final meeting after negotiating a deal to broadcast cooking segments from her daytime shows, netting her company several million dollars, she “stood facing the opposite direction, alternately looking out a window and poking at her mobile phone,” according to the book. “When it came time to sign, she strode to the table, signed the papers, and strode out of the room without a handshake or even a glance.” Later, after Stewart produced a pilot for Ina Garten, she ordered the tapes destroyed because Gartens Fiestaware looked too much like the dinnerware Stewart used on her show, and she was “unhappy that another woman was going to be the star of a show produced by her company.” Yikes! 4Giada had to train herself to smile Reuters Giada de Laurentiis was told by her producer to “smile whenever she spoke on camera, no matter what was happening around her,” which was easier said than done. Her first 12-hour shoot “made her cheek muscles ripple with pain,” but were pretty sure shes accustomed to it by now. 5The first set was a dump iStock The first set had no oven (and when they finally got one it was so low-quality that the glass would constantly shatter), the smells of the food cooking would permeate the networks entire office, the sinks had no drainage so stagehands would have to be constantly emptying out slop buckets, and when Mario Batali would remove food from the fictional “oven,” he had to “simulate the sound of an oven door slamming by stamping his foot on the floor.” 6’Bam!’ was originally intended to wake up a drowsy crew AP Much of the early crew worked many jobs to make ends meet (the reason their names didnt appear in credits was because they were paid below normal union rates), and Emeril had to deal with camera operators that were falling asleep as he cooked. “Inspired first by the need to keep the cameramen awake, Emeril started yelling as he added ingredients to dishes ‘Bam!'” And a legend was born. 7Iron Chefs Chairman Kaga is a crazy character AP If youve seen an episode of the original Japanese Iron Chef, youll know that Chairman Kaga, with his wild outfits and bizarre antics, is a bit of an eccentric. But the actor who portrayed him, Takeshi Kaga, who also played Jean Valjean in the Japanese production of Les Miserables, was also a bit of an oddball. When the production team came to New York to film the first crossover challenge with Bobby Flay as challenger, Kaga, whos apparently a Method actor, stayed in character the entire time that he was in the city. Now thats dedication! 8Batali flubbed his first line, then cut himself AP “Im Mario Batali, chef and co-owner of Po restaurant, an Italian village,” was the first sentence the now-legendary chef spoke on-air. Then, in one of the early episodes of his show, Molto Mario, he accidentally grated his knuckles along with some cheese. Bleeding and in pain, and all-too-aware of the networks “no do-over” rule, “he plunged his hand into a bowl of tomatoes” and crushed them until it was time for commercials. 9’Iron Chef’ aired on UPN before Food Network, with William Shatner as host Reuters Yes, you read that right. In 2001, Food Network turned down the opportunity to buy the rights to Iron Chef, and it was picked up by UPN, who quickly butchered it.

Durga Puja is mostly about fanfare and food loads of it! It’s a time when meticulously maintained fitness regimes go for a toss, given the late night pandal-hopping, night-long addas, groggy, gym-less mornings, eating out and loads of mishti on Dashami. So what is Tollywood’s young brigade doing to negate the effect four days of merry-making has had on the carefully toned abs and curves? CT talks to some of our actors about their getting-back-to-shape regime. Srabanti I stuck to vegetarian food between Sasthi and Nabami, but from Nabami night I ate only non-veg, be it mutton curry or biryani. And now I am surviving on fruits and juices, a bowl of boiled veggies for lunch and fish sauteed in one teaspoon of olive oil for dinner! And, of course, there is no missing those long morning and afternoon treadmill session. Nusrat Jahan I curse myself for eating so much during Puja. Now, I can’t even miss the gym for a day as I have to get back in shape as soon as possible. I am avoiding non-veg food and eating only boiled veggies without salt. When hungry, I drink juice or eat a few slices of apple. I also have dry fruits in the evening and try to have dinner by 7 pm. I am drinking loads of water to detoxify my system. Raima Sen I would love to be miles away from food now, given the way my diet took a beating this Durga Puja! I am working really hard to get rid of the extra pounds.