New York Red Bulls Eye Elusive Trophy

New York Film Fest: ‘Captain Phillips’ Writer, Producer Talk About Gripping True Story, Movie’s Gotham Debut

The best we can do is keep them X number of years away from a nuclear weapon. Are we going to be able to live with that? Are the Israelis going to be able to live with that? Irans pursuit of nuclear technology has led Obama and his allies in Europe to tighten economic sanctions and the U.S. and Israel to threaten military action to prevent the Islamic republic from obtaining nuclear weapons. Iran denies that its seeking to do so. Nuclear talks stalled in April, when Rouhanis predecessor, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad , was still in power. Discussions got under way again as Kerry and his counterparts from the five other world powers — China, France , Russia, the U.K., and Germany — met Zarif. The participants agreed to jump-start the process so we could move forward with a view to agree first on the parameters of the endgame, Zarif said afterward. Little Trust Neither side trusts the other, and Obama and Rouhani each face internal political pressures not to negotiate. Rouhani took office last month after winning election on a pledge to end Irans global isolation and ease the trade curbs. At the UN this week, he repeatedly said his government is ready for a deal. Some U.S.


Team captain Thierry Henry is out with a chronic Achilles injury, and key defender Jamison Olave, who has a nagging knee injury, is questionable because of the field’s artificial turf. Petke said the team was siding with caution, even with the Supporters Shield on the line. “If the doctors weren’t telling me certain things, of course I would step in and have serious conversations with these players, saying, ‘Listen, we need you this weekend,'” Petke said. “But that’s not the reality. The reality is that it really is a health risk.” A victory Sunday matched with a loss or tie by the Philadelphia Union or a loss or tie by the Chicago Fire would put the Red Bulls in the playoffs. An early postseason berth would help validate Petke’s rookie season, which started with the team winning five of its first 15 games before going on a tear in July and August. The success has not brought smooth sailing for Petke or the team, however. On Aug. 29, the coach and Henry had a shouting match during practice, and Henry stormed off the field. The day after the argument, Petke tried to defuse the situation, telling news reporters he and Henry were on the same page. “What happened with me and Henry? Listen, Thierry Henry is one of the most passionate and fiery people I’ve ever been associated with. And unless you guys have been under a rock for the last 13 years, I’m pretty passionate and lose my head a lot, too,” Petke said. “Very normal stuff; there’s really nothing to report. It happens all over the world.” Henry did not comment on the fight, but he recorded two goals and one assist in the next three games.

New York City Air Quality The Best In 50 Years, Announces Mayor Bloomberg

Mayor Michael Bloomberg attributed the transformative results to his 2007 project, PlaNYC , an initiative aimed at creating sustainable green reforms around the city from better air quality to more affordable housing. “Our PlaNYC agenda set an ambitious goal of having the cleanest air among the largest U.S. cities,” BLoomberg said at a Climate Week event in the Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers. “Today’s results show that we have already made major progress towards that goal, which is saving lives and improving the health of New Yorkers.” In the city’s Community Air Survey , officials found that levels of sulfur dioxide in the air have dropped by 69 percent since 2008 and the level of soot pollution in the air has dropped by 23 percent thanks, in large part, to PlaNYC’s Clean Heat program, which was aimed at reducing pollution heavy heating oils. Clean Heat was successful thanks to three key reforms: decreased amounts of toxic heating oils, lowered sulfur content in heating oils and expanded natural gas supplies and local gas distribution. Over 2,700 polluting buildings have phased out toxic heating oils as of 2011 and there are currently 2,500 buildings working on conversions, even though the estimated 10,000 buildings in the city that burn toxic heating oils have until 2030 to make their reforms. The cleaner air, Bloomberg said, is estimated to prevent as much as 800 deaths and 2,000 hospital visits due to lung and cardiovascular diseases annually, compared to 2008 records. Manhattan, northern Queens and the South Bronx achieved the greatest improvement in air quality through natural gas conversions. “The substantial reductions in air pollution we’re seeing translate into healthier New Yorkers who are breathing cleaner air,” said Michael Seilback, Vice President for Public Policy and Communications at the American Lung Association of the Northeast. “As more buildings convert to cleaner burning fuels, we will see even greater health benefits.” To capitalize off of this momentum, the Department of Environment Protection also sent a proposed update to New York City’s Air Code to the City Council. If enacted, this update will be the first major revision to the code in 38 years. The new code will update emission standards and focus on the most notorious sources of pollution like commercial cooking establishments. Other green reforms like the addition of hybrid and electrical vehicles to the municipal fleet, reduced school bus emissions and zoning changes to encourage more transit-friendly development have all contributed to the current clean air levels, according to the report. The city intends to continue these efforts and officials predict even greater improvements to air quality and health in upcoming years.

Obama-Rouhani Chat Covers Nuclear Talks, New York Traffic

It had action built into it. The beauty was I didn’t have to invent anything, we just had to make smart event choices and get out of its way.” PHOTOS: New York Film Festival’s Movies to Know Ray conceded that there were challenges in terms of trying to portray the events accurately, but he had help from the real Captain Phillips to make sure he got the details right. “I had access to him whenever I needed it,” Ray said. “I spent a great deal of time with him and his family. A lot of phone calls, a lot of e-mails back and forth when he was back at sea againHe was absolutely invaluable.” Ray’s previous work includes writing screenplays for Shattered Glass and the movie version of State of Play, and he told THR that those titles, as well as Captain Phillips, are all films about integrity. Captain Phillips notably bypassed the Venice, Telluride and Toronto Film Festivals to debut in New York, a decision that producer Michael De Luca told THR was based on a combination of timing and his and producer Scott Rudin’s Gotham-centric backgrounds. PHOTOS: Exclusive Portraits of Captain Phillips’ Tom Hanks and Barkhad Abdi “It’s always a combination of schedule and the best platform for the movie and we just thought the New York Film Festival would be the best opening platform for the film and it worked out for us schedule-wise,” De Luca said. “They really embraced the movie, and any chance to be at the New York Film Festival (I’m a New Yorker, ex-New Yorker because I live in L.A. now, Scott Rudin’s a New Yorker), any chance to be in this festival because of its prestige and what a great show they put on, we had to leap at it.” Prior to its enthusiastic reception at the festival, Captain Phillips had already received good reviews from critics like THR’s own Todd McCarthy . “It seems like the intention of the filmmakers has been received and appreciated by audiences and critics, which is a fantasy but when it comes true, you’re really happy about it,” De Luca told THR, noting that he reads every single review. FILM REVIEW: Captain Phillips De Luca is also one of the producers of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, and he said that he understood the backlash to that film’s casting choices, but he thinks fans will be happy with the final product.