Majority Of U.s. Fast-food Workers Need Public Assistance: Study

Food plaza opens at Mysore railway station

This frenzy went on for a couple of hours until the announcement on the stores intercom put a halt to the freebies. Walmart announced that the food stamp EBT cards were now registering the correct balances. It was like a plug was pulled and people drained out of the store. As quick as the frenzy started, it went away, with hundreds of full shopping carts abandoned in the wake. Because many of the items were perishables, Walmart needed to throw away quite a bit of food, leaving them with an even bigger bill for this freebie shopping spree. Now that the dust has settled, the war of press releases begins. Louisiana officials said they have no intention of being left holding the bag for the expense of the unlimited shopping Walmart let go on. The statement left it unclear on who is footing the bill, but referred all further questions on freebie Saturday to Walmart, in what appeared as a nice way of handing off the bill to the retail giant. Trey Williams, a spokesperson for the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services, the agency that issues the food stamp EBT card, said that emergency procedures are in place for incidents such as this, but Walmart did not follow those procedures. Williams said: “Some retailers chose not to follow the process,” he said. “Those businesses are only being reimbursed for the (maximum) amounts on individual cards.” Williams also said that the amount of the transactions that went above the balances on the individual card are being sent back as insufficient. Meaning Walmart is left holding the bag for letting these transactions go through. The emergency EBT card procedure calls for no more than $50 per card is allowed to go through when a problem occurs such as the one Saturday.

Walmart food stamp free grocery frenzy: Walmart vs. EBT, who pays for glitch?

The 24-hour food plaza will extend the facility to the commuters arriving into Mysore. Travelers, who take long distance trains from Mysore can also place their order and pick up food at Bangalore, an official of the Mysore division of the south Western Railway said. Payment can be made onboard if the food is delivered in the train or can pay at the food plaza, the official said adding that this is possible as the caterer operates a chain of food plazas across major stations in India. Travelers can place order using tool free number 011-41100100. The Mysore division opened the first food plaza in its division, which is spread over 1,700 sqft and can accommodate 120 visitors. The plaza offers north Indian, south Indian, Chinese and Continental cuisines, the divisional senior commercial manager K Anil Kumar said. There are also bakery products, ice cream, fresh fruit juices and some dozen varieties of espresso coffee from multinational outlets and pizzas and burgers. There are also sweets from across India like Agra peta, Nagpur tantra burfi. He said New Delhi-based Sreenathji Caterers, who manage over 40 food plazas across major stations like New Delhi, Howrah, Nagpur, Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore. The group will commission another 15 outlets in the next couple of months including the one at at Davangere in Mysore division. The divisional railway manager Vinod Kumar inaugurated the food plaza. The DRM said the opening of the multi-cuisine food plaza will help thousands of tourists both domestic and international arriving in the city.

fast-food industry generates sales of $200 billion a year. The companies have long said that mostly young people do the entry-level work of flipping burgers or making milkshakes and that these positions are stepping stones to higher-paying jobs. However, the NELP found that the median age of a fast-food worker was 28, Temple said. McDonald’s Corp and Burger King Worldwide Inc did not respond to requests for comment. Wendy’s Co declined to comment, and Yum Brands Inc did not immediately provide a comment. The Employment Policies Institute, which has opposed calls for higher fast-food wages in the past, said in a statement that the reports “ignore economic evidence that dramatic wage hikes would make fast food workers worse off” when employers “replace employees with less-costly automated alternatives.” LOW-WAGE RUT U.C. Berkeley labor economist Sylvia Alegretto, who worked on the report from her school and the University of Illinois, said the economic recovery did not make life much easier for these workers, who are stuck in a low-wage rut. “They took it on the chin when the economy was bad, and now that it’s better, wages aren’t going up,” Alegretto said. “In fact, they’re making less than their counterparts were 50 years ago.” Alegretto said her team was “very conservative” in estimating the number of low-wage workers, counting only those who worked more than 10 hours a week for at least 27 weeks a year. The median wage for front-line fast-food workers is $8.94 per hour, according to the NELP’s analysis of government data. Many of these jobs are not full-time. Twice as many fast-food workers enroll in public aid programs than the overall workforce because of the low wages, limited work hours, and skimpy benefits their jobs afford them, according to the Berkeley study.