How Movies “play It Cool” Through Music And Dance

Last week’s results were not an anomaly. The PiracyData team has been collecting data for three weeks, and during that period, not a single highly pirated film has been available to stream. And many highly-pirated movies have not been available for rental or download. was created by two tech policy researchers at the Mercatus Center, a libertarian think tank, and by Matt Sherman, a software engineer based in New York. The team’s leader, Jerry Brito, says he got the idea for the site after a hearing in which major content holders criticized Google for failing to do enough to combat piracy. That criticism came despite the fact that Google has taken a number of steps to prevent illegal sharing of copyrighted works. A year ago, Google began automatically demoting search results that are the target of numerous takedown requests by copyright holders. Yet despite that proactive approach, searches for Hollywood blockbusters frequently turn up links to pirate websites. “The MPAA is complaining that Google leads people to infringing links,” Brito argues. “But what’s the alternative?” The movies that are available on file-sharing sites, he says, are “very rarely available for legal acquisition.” Unsurprisingly, MPAA spokesperson Kate Bedingfield disagrees. “Today there are more ways than ever to watch movies and TV shows legally online, and more are constantly being added,” she said in an e-mailed statement. “If a particular film isn’t available for stream or purchase at a given moment, however, it does not justify stealing it from the creators and makers who worked hard to make it.” Brito insists he’s not trying to excuse piracy. But, he argues, “I don’t understand how the industry is making a big show about Google not taking voluntary measures to help with piracy.” Hollywood, he says, could “change its business model to take their own voluntary measures to deal with piracy,” by making movies more readily available through legal online channels. If it chooses not to do that, he believes, they have no business complaining that tech companies aren’t doing enough to combat the problem.

Miramax Pictures The swivel of Elvis hips, Audreys zany bohemian dance in a Parisian cafe, Travoltas uber-confident stroll through 70s Brooklyn. Film has long played a part in shaping our definition of cool, and its efforts go far beyond the rebel without a cause and the yuppie, free-wheeling teen playing hooky from school. Music and dance in the movieswhether its the frustrated angst of teens, the aloof gait of hip aristocrats, or the sexy saunter of a private detectivehave helped to communicate to generations various understandings of what it means to be hip. For further viewing: TUESDAY, APRIL 20, 2010, AT 6:19 PM Tornado Kills at Least Five in Oklahoma FRIDAY, APRIL 29, 2011, AT 3:07 PM Obama Gets Firsthand Look at a Tornado Damage TUESDAY, APRIL 20, 2010, AT 6:19 PM Tornado Kills at Least Five in Oklahoma. Very long title. Long long long. Tornado Kills at Least Five in Oklahoma. Very long title. Long long long. TUESDAY, APRIL 20, 2010, AT 6:19 PM Tornado Kills at Least Five in Oklahoma. Very long title. Long long long. Tornado Kills at Least Five in Oklahoma.

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Although the Hollywood icons are getting older, theyre not showing any signs of slowing down, so we assume theyre not done teaming up to kick ass just yet providing they can find the right project. Here are six custom movie scenarios carefully crafted for more collaboration in every genre that we know and love. Lets start with their favorite: ACTION: Title: Abolition Man Logline: New York Citys toughest retired cop (Stallone) accidentally travels through time and finds himself trapped in the South at the height of the slave trade. With Lincolns Gettysburg Address decades away, he takes matters into his own hands and clashes with a brutal plantation owner (Schwarzenegger) while fighting for abolition. SCIENCE FICTION: Title: The Disposables Logline: In the future, senior citizens retire to their own designated country to avoid overpopulation in the United States. But when two tough-as-nails World War III veterans (Stallone, Schwarzenegger) discover that country is actually a death camp for citizens deemed disposable, they set out to prove their worth to society by destroying it. FAMILY COMEDY: Title: Double Play Logline: A retired CIA operative (Stallone) moves his family to a small Ohio town where he volunteers to coach his sons Little League baseball team, only to discover one big problem: his former KGB rival (Schwarzenegger) has already settled in the same town and coaches his own sons team, the Reds. HISTORICAL DRAMA: Title: The Bolshevik Artists Logline: When Bolshevik leader Vladimir Ilyich Lenin was on his deathbed in 1924, he envisioned loyal disciples and political rivals Joseph Stalin (Schwarzenegger) and Leon Trotsky (Stallone) sharing power. Three years later, Stalin had exiled Trotsky and seized control. (Alt tagline: This Bromance was Truly Rocky). FRANCHISE SEQUEL: Title: Terminators Logline: The T-800 (Schwarzenegger) is back, and this time hes protecting 2-year-old John Connor from a robotic version of himself the JC-100 (Stallone), which Skynet manufactured after capturing and killing Connor in the year 2048. HORROR/THRILLER: Title: Big Bad Wolf Logline: As one of the worlds foremost authorities on the supernatural underworld that has been horrifying humanity for centuries, Professor Robert Hood (Schwarzenegger) has slain every monster he has ever encountered except the one responsible for his daughters death. 20 years later, the shapeshifting beast (Stallone) has resurfaced, and Prof.

6 Movies Ideas for Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone After ‘Escape Plan’

He cast Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson at a moment when they were controversial; that made Machete Kills a fun talking point, which may have been the whole point. But you wonder what would happen if Rodriguez put aside the empire for a year and let himself be a filmmaker again. There are signs throughout his filmography of real sparks of life. Its in From Dusk Till Dawn, when the movie suddenly pivots from Crime Drama to Vampire Horror. Its there in The Faculty, Rodriguezs sole hired-hand picture, when the high school stereotypes try to weed out the alien by snorting cocaine. Its there every time Mickey Rourke walks onscreen. And its all over Planet Terror. Among cinephile-types, Rodriguezs half of Grindhouse usually suffers in comparison to Death Proof, partially because Death Proof is more overt about making a statement. But Planet Terror is a wild, almost primal B-picture, a cocktail of zombie movies and one-legged sex scenes and a kid shooting himself in the face and a surprisingly non-symbolic castration motif and one of the swaggeriest music scores in horror-film history. Planet Terror opens with that score playing over Rose McGowan go-go dancing . Its sex without the quote marks, so over-the-top that the film starts to break apart; it feels like an essay in voyeurism and also the perviest home video ever, with a sneakily profound closing shot that lingers just long enough on McGowans tear-covered face to make the randy fun feel self-critical. Rodriguez wrote the score, and wrote the scene, and filmed it himself, co-edited it in post-production; for good measure, he also hooked up with Rose McGowan. Grindhouse was not a success. Rodriguez spent a few years trying to cast McGowan in an appropriately barely dressed genre film: Barbarella, Red Sonja, Women in Chains. Nothing clicked; they broke up; Rodriguez seems happy now to keep his franchises chugging along.