Hollywood Serves A Dose Of History, But Is It True?

Orlando Bloom Lists Hollywood Hills Home For $4.5 Million (PHOTOS)

There are four bedrooms and 3.5 bedrooms, and the master suite leads into the backyard. Outdoors, there’s a pool with a swim machine and spa, as well as a built-in barbecue and loggia to take in the city views. The home sits in a gated compound surrounded by ferns and other foliage, which along with the security cameras, make the property a hidden fortress. The Bling Ring teens broke into the property in July 2009 and made off with rolex watches, designer dresses and purses. In a 2010 interview with Vanity Fair , Bling Ring member Nick Prugo said the group was drawn to Bloom’s home because one of them wanted “Victorias Secret model clothes” (Bloom was dating Kerr at the time). Bloom’s security cameras caught the group of teens making multiple trips to and from his home, carrying away large bags of his belongings. In 2012, when director Sophia Coppola decided to turn the Bling Ring saga into a movie, Bloom turned down Coppola’s request to do a cameo in the film. “She asked me to cameo in the movie, but I said it was too close to home for me to want to be involved,” Bloom told Britain’s Hello! magazine . Real estate blog Redfin.com , which first reported on the listing, notes that Bloom had been renting out the home since Aug. for $16,500 a month.

Julian Assange to the Hollywood Foreign Press: “The Fifth Estate’ Is Going to Fail’ (Exclusive)

(Photo: Hopper Stone, Columbia Pictures) Story Highlights Oscar season sees spate of real-life stories Filmmakers, academics split over importance of accuracy ‘Captain Phillips’ leads string of biopics and true dramas SHARE 7 CONNECT 11 TWEET 2 COMMENTEMAILMORE LOS ANGELES The following is based on actual events. Of course, Hollywood staged those events, so season with a grain of salt. After dominating last year’s Oscars and generating a healthy dose of controversy, biopics and dramas based on true events will again rule the multiplex and revive the debate over whether the film industry needs to get its facts straight. Captain Phillips, the documentary-style feature about the 2009 hijacking of an American cargo ship by Somali pirates, opens Friday and already is generating headlines. It will be followed on Hollywood’s true-story hit parade by: The Fifth Estate (Oct. 18). Benedict Cumberbatch plays Julian Assange, the real-life founder of underground watchdog site Wikileaks. TRAILERS: Coming soon to theaters “The academy loves” true-life stories, says Tom O’Neil, editor of awards site Goldderby.com. “They usually have a socially conscious message and the ‘warm and fuzzies’ that voters like to feel after the movie.” As for feeling smarter? Not so much. The industry hasn’t exactly aced its history lessons of late. Last year’s dominant Oscar contenders, Argo, Lincoln and Zero Dark Thirty, all centered on true stories and all were hammered for their veracity (though Argo marched unimpeded to a best-picture win). Tom Hanks, who plays the real Capt. Richard Phillips, understands the lure of fact-based stories and the pitfalls of telling them. “These stories answer what humans can do in certain situations,” he says.

Also read: Benedict Cumberbatch on Julian Assanges Cautionary Email: It Galvanized Me The unusual conversation with members of the HFPA, which typically meets with stars looking to hype their new movies, came as part of a series of roundtables promoted by new president Theo Kingma, who has said he wants to increase the journalistic credibility of the much-maligned organization of Hollywood-based reporters for foreign newspapers, magazines and websites. TheWrap obtained a transcript of the conversation, which Assange began by calling the HFPAs creation of the Golden Globes in the early 1940s basically a hack into the studio system and an amazing, successful coup in getting stars and moviemakers to address the foreign press. Also read: Benedict Cumberbatch Reveals All on Reddit: 10 Things We Learned About the Sherlock Star Some of the conversation dealt with The Fifth Estate, in which Benedict Cumberbatch plays Assange and rather than go into detail about why he thinks the film is inaccurate and a hostile endeavor, Assange turned analyst and said the movie is destined to be a box-office failure, because audiences prefer combative underdog stories. While Cumberbatch approached his subject asking for a meeting, which Assange declined (in the process trying to persuade the actor not to appear in the movie), Assange criticized the filmmakers for not approaching him or WikiLeaks, and for not contributing to his defense fund or to WikiLeaks. I dont think we are in a situation anymore where an organization like DreamWorks or Disney can succinctly decide that it is going to produce a movie about living people, and living political refugees, and people who are embroiled in a grand jury proceeding in the United States, and just smear, without the cost, he said. Gibney, he said, was clearly biased against him, and has [an] emotional engagement with me that is not proper for a journalist to have. Assange did repeatedly praise one movie about his company Mediastan, a new WikiLeaks-produced documentary. But although the conversation took place with a number of entertainment journalists, Assange spent most of his time railing against the U.S. and British security complexes that he said forced him to seek asylum in the Eucadorian embassy. The Australian-born Assange, 42, is currently facing a European Arrest Warrant in a Swedish investigation into sexual assault; although he said, I assume the Swedish case will disappear on its own accord in due course, he refuses to turn himself in out of fear that Sweden would extradite him to the United States to face charges in the publication of U.S. military and diplomatic documents supplied by Bradley Manning (who now goes by the name Chelsea Manning). Also read: WikiLeaks Doc Director on Julian Assange: The Balls of This Guy I Thought, Wow. If you seriously tangle with the United States security complexyou will suffer the consequences, he said. Of course its difficult to wake up over 500 days and see the same walls, but on the other hand I am doing good work, added Manning, who said WikiLeaks was in contact with fugitive NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. I have no time for anything else now but work, so its a bit of a counter-productive maneuver to trap me here, because what else can I do but work? Dimissing one question about whether his leaks put people in danger as a Pentagon propaganda talking point and a malicious smear, Assange insisted that U.S. and U.K. intelligence services are completely out of control, and that the United States runs the risk of turning into a garrison state. This is an unprecedented time which threatens to change the balance of power between the citizenry, the Fourth Estate and the security complex, he said.