Geraldo Rivera: New York And The Politics Of Race

Honolulu surpasses New York City for most expensive hotel rooms in US

At $230 a night on average, Honolulu has now become the most expensive hotel market in the county, according to Hotel.coms most recent Hotel Price Index report. The report tracked the prices that some 155,000 of the sites users paid for hotel rooms at major destinations around the nation and world. This year, for the first time since the creation of the index report in 2004, Honolulu has surpassed New York City as the most expensive hotel room market in the country. New York City is still close behind with an average nightly rate of $211, but the city experienced only a 2 percent increase in prices last year, as opposed to Honolulu’s whopping 13 percent jump. While Honolulu is the countrys most expensive designated market area (or DMA in industry parlance) to find a hotel, it is not the most expensive city. When evaluating hotel room cost by city, Newport Coast, Calif. blew both Honolulu and New York City out of the water with an average daily rate of $501, which was a 25 percent increase from last year. It turns out the five-star beaches of Newport Coast far surpass Honolulus beaches when it comes to nightly hotel room rates. Overall, hotel prices in North America were three percent higher on average during the first six months of 2013 than they were during the same period last year. And the average price of a hotel room has risen two percent globally, over the same period, with Latin America seeing a whopping seven percent increase.


“Me and [Mets hitting coach Dave Hudgens] have been working hard trying to get a consistent swing and everything consistent and the same.” D’Arnaud concedes his struggles stem from both mental and physical issues. But he did hit a shot to right field that sent Giancarlo Stanton back to the warning track, giving d’Arnaud the feeling that he’s getting close to a breakout game. “I’m just trying to hit the ball hard,” d’Arnaud said. “Today, I hit that one to right field that was hit pretty well. As long as I stay right there, they’ll start falling eventually. I just try to keep my mind at ease and keep it simple.” D’Arnaud was a key piece in the offseason trade that sent R.A. Dickey to the Toronto Blue Jays . The catcher suffered a setback with a broken foot earlier in the year but came back to hit .306 in 18 games at Triple-A. After being called up in mid-August, d’Arnaud took hold of the everyday duties from starting catcher John Buck , who was eventually shipped to the Pirates. D’Arnaud hasn’t been able to replicate his minor league success yet at the big league level, but his teammates aren’t concerned. “We’ve had very little offensive conversations for him because I know he can hit,” backup catcher Anthony Recker said. “I’ve seen him [in] spring training, I’ve seen him swing it in BP, he’s got a great swing. He’s going to do really well in this league. It’s a matter of him settling down and getting comfortable and feeling comfortable and that takes time.” One thing d’Arnaud has been feeling comfortable with is his game management behind the plate.

New York Mets

His tale of two cities spoke of one affluent and privileged city; the other besieged by an oppressive police department and sinking deeper into poverty. De Blasio spoke of how Mayor Bloomberg cared more for real estate developers, high rolling Russian billionaires and Wall Street moguls than for the Average Joe struggling to get by. And by equating it to racial profiling, he stoked enormous resentment against the NYPDs foundational stop and frisk tactic that has helped make New York the nations safest big city. With the current police commissioner Ray Kelly on the defensive because of an adverse federal court ruling declaring the practice discriminatory, de Blasio who is currently New Yorks Public Advocate slandered a police department that is among the nations most racially and ethnically diverse. He also had a potent political weapon, his charming and hugely photogenic mixed-race family, including wife Chirlane McCray who is both African-American and a former lesbian, which helped the candidate out-maneuver the gay Christine Quinn and the only black candidate in the primary race, the otherwise colorless former controller Bill Thompson. De Blasios campaign commercial, which featured his movie star handsome, Afro-sporting 16-year old son Dante, will be studied in political science classes for the next century. This kid will soon have his own talk show. Bill de Blasio will be a mayor for every New Yorker, Dante croons in the spot (presumably as opposed to just rich, white ones. And Id say that even if he werent my dad. He smiles and hearts melt from Harlem to Prospect Park. Speaking of colorless, the Republican candidate is former Deputy Mayor and Chairman of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Joe Lhota. He stresses his competence with experience hard won on 9/11 when he stood shoulder-to-shoulder with former mayor Rudy Giuliani as the twin towers collapsed. His candidacy will be embraced as the safer choice by many voters known elsewhere as Reagan Democrats. With the primary barely over, Mr. de Blasio has already tempered his anti-police, anti-business rhetoric. As far as I know, he has not reprised his tale of two cities or his promise to tax the rich to pay for programs for the poor. But listening on my radio show to uncensored call-ins, I think the die is cast. This election feels like the two campaigns 1993 and 1997 that featured Rudy Giuliani and David Dinkins, New Yorks first black mayor. Or even like the bitter 2011 election to recall Governor Scott Walker in Wisconsin. The candidates will debate public safety and upscale voters will fear a return to the anarchy of the 1970s. Theyll debate inequality, but more prosperous voters will hear higher taxes.