France Covers Obama’s Middle East Retreat

National Constitution Center Stowaway, 9, ordered placed out of Minn. home MINNEAPOLIS (AP) A 9-year-old who eluded airport security and stowed away on a flight from Minneapolis to Las Vegas should live away from his parents for now while he and his family get therapy and other services, a judge ruled Wednesday. Associated Press An engine on an Atlanta-bound Spirit Airlines jet where passengers said they heard an explosion and saw flames sustained an especially serious type of failure, a National Transportation Safety Board official said Wednesday. Associated Press SEOUL, South Korea (AP) The G2 and the G Pad 8.3, the flagship smartphone and tablet from LG Electronics Inc., are great mobile devices that have fantastic screens, top-end cameras and ample processing power. Associated Press Venezuela authorities hunt ‘currency tourists’ By Eyanir Chinea CARACAS (Reuters) – In the immigration area of Venezuela’s biggest airport, about a dozen officials in red T-shirts and baseball caps randomly check passengers leaving the country. The officials are not guards or police: they are bureaucrats at state currency board Cadivi Reuters IT DEPENDS ON WHAT THE MEANING OF ‘SETTLED LAW’ IS No major legislation has ever been passed like Obamacare — and I’m using the word “passed” pretty loosely.It became law without both houses ever voting on the same bill. (Say, is the Constitution considered “settled law”?) Not one Republican voted for it — and a lot of Democrats immediately Ann Coulter ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (AP) When two girls, aged 12 and 14, were arrested in a bullying-suicide investigation in Florida, many wondered: Where were their parents and should they be held responsible? Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel apologized Wednesday to Medal of Honor recipient William Swenson for having to wait so long for the Army to recognize his heroism. Associated Press San Francisco (AFP) – Apple’s plan to build a verdant new campus crowned with a shimmering flying-saucer shaped headquarters was cleared for launch late Tuesday.

France to take in 500 Syrian refugees

A Syrian refugees protest at the ferry terminal in Calais, northern France on October 4, 2013

president. Mr. Fabius was not advocating a strike, volunteering eventual French participation, or indulging in simple Obama-bashing. But he was expressing a kind of French contempt for the U.S. administration’s evasive vocabulary about the Iran endgame. Which augurs what? Enlarge Image French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius and John Kerry at the U.N. on Sept. 26. Reuters When talks between Iranian President Hasan Rouhani’s emissaries and diplomats of the five permanent members of the U.N. Security Council plus Germany begin this week in Geneva, France’s medium-term choice will be between two roles.